Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!

FRENCH Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk About It! is a French NGO which aims to increase attention and support for breast cancer, early detection (dépistage), and palliative care of this disease. The aim is to mobilize as many people as possible to join the fight against breast cancer and to raise funds for breast cancer research. Marco Di Filippo want to participate with BEKKAUSE to the mission of this French Foundation. We set a goal of 2.000 € for helping Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk About It!.

In 1994, Estée Lauder France and Marie Claire grouped their efforts to engage the fight against breast cancer by creating the association Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en ! Since then, every year, their commitment and mobilization are reinforced in order to inform more and more women about the importance of early detection. Since 2004, the Ribbon Rose Awards set up by the foundation have provided financial support for research into breast cancer.

In France, since 1994, the association Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en! informs women about the role and importance of early detection and is committed to supporting research against breast cancer. Being able to participate to this cause was really important for both Marco Di Filippo and BEKKAUSE, this is why through the sales of Marco’s work, we are proudly supporting Breast Cancer, Let’s speak about it!

This movement founds its origins in the USA, where since 1989, Mrs. Evelyn H. Lauder has been personally involved in the development of a breast cancer screening and care unit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York and also in the foundation, that has become a national campaign. Since this moment Rose Ribbon is the official symbol of October, “Breast Cancer Month” or “October Rose”.
In 1994, Marie Claire (read by three million women in France) joined Estée Lauder Companies to disseminate information on this disease as widely as possible, in order to reach and help the woman suffering from a cancer – 1 in 8 women is at risk of developing breast cancer in the course of her life.
Since 2004, the price Prix Ruban Rose helps financially the research for Breast Cancer.

In collaboration between Marco Di Filippo, the Institution and BEKKAUSE, the goal of 2.000 € has been set.

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